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VTL global Logistics offers an end to end Air Freight Forwarding Logistics Solutions form South India to various domestic and international destinations around the world.

Our Air Freight Forwarder Specialist team offers you a high-performance customized Air Cargo Solutions that meet your business expectations. We are the best Air Freight forwarder in Chennai to provide you with seamless Air Cargo Logistics to the global customers by ensuring in time pickup and deliver with zero error.

Our global Air Freight Forwarder team strike a great deal in handling transport of Heavy and oversized Air Cargo Shipments. We offer Multimodel Shipment Carrier package which includes Air, Sea and road services from Warehouse to the customer doorstep.

VTL air freight forwarding team are well equipped to load and unload heavy goods safely. Well-coordinated specifically with each client to assure the best of quality service in terms of time-critical cargo delivery.

We offer an array of value-added Air Freight Services for our customer convenience such as;

  • Packing of loose Shipments for safe delivery.
  • Competitive Air Freight rates
  • Effectively plan your Air cargo shipments to minimize the logistics cost.
  • We carter Air Freight Services to the remote destinations.
  • We offer Personal Account manager dedicated 24/7 to handle your shipments till successful delivery.

Why Choose VTL Air Freight Forwarding Service?

  • Effective booking of Air shipments at all major airlines to major airport destinations across the world.
  • Regular Air Cargo services on a weekly basis to the popular destinations across the globe.
  • Professionals in handling live and perishable goods by the temperature-controlled - Cold Air Freight Cargo Services.
  • Pickup and delivery of shipment with complete Documentation and customs clearance service for Air Freight Shipments.
  • Comprehensive logistics solutions for transporting heavy and oversized cargoes to the remote location.
  • We also support with best Ari Freight tariff and route advice to plan for the speedy delivery of air shipment.
  • IATA Certified Air freight forwarders to handle DG goods with safe packing of hazardous shipments.

vtl air freight services in chennai


  • 24/7/365 Customer Service
  • Track and manage orders
  • Air freight shipments over 50+ Destinations
  • Air Cargo Service Options
  • Air Cargo Insurance
  • Express Delivery
  • 100% Secured Payment

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Your total air shipment cost will be determined based on the total chargeable weight, the destination and surcharges (if any) on weight or dimensions.

As soon VTL receives your invoice bill statement, your shipment will be automatically processed and handled by our networking agencies. Usually, it takes around 3-7 days for the shipment to arrive depending on the country customs. However, you will be notified about every single movement via SMS and Email. Along with that, you can track the shipment status through our tracking tool which is available on the VTL website.

Based on the dimensions (length (L), width (W) and height (H)) of a package, you can easily calculate the chargeable weight of international air cargo shipment rates. It is basically determined as Actual Weight (Gross Weight) or the Volumetric (Volume or Dimensional) Weight of the shipment. Some goods packages will be large in size but carry lightweight which takes much space on an aircraft while on the other hand, small packages carry heavy items. So, this is the reason why Airline charges according to Chargeable Weight.

From pickup to delivery, the air freight logistics process is straightforward. VTL will coordinate with a local carrier to pick up at your warehouse or holding facility. Once the freight is loaded, the carrier will tender the shipment to the airport facility where it will be placed onto a plane. When the shipment arrives at the destination airport, VTL’s contract partner will arrange for pickup and delivery.

  • Fuel surcharges
  • Container freight station fees
  • Customs clearance fees
  • Associated trucking costs
  • Airport security costs
  • Airline handling charges

The easiest way to estimate air shipping rates is to contact VTL’s 24*7 customer service.

Same-day air/next flight out: If you want to receive your goods on the same day or in case of urgent shipment, you can choose this air carrier forwarding option for the fastest mode of the goods delivery.

Next-day air:This follows the parcel delivery by the end of the following business day or the next day./p>

Second-day air: If you want to balance your speed and cost then this option would be reliable for time-sensitive and cost-effective shipments

Deferred air:This is the most economical shipping option which is optimal for lower priority cargo that can wait to ship until there is space on an aircraft.

Deferred service:This is the standard and commonly used option for international flights. You can expect the freight arrival to the destination within 3-5 days.

This is the fastest option for transporting goods globally via air. While it is more costly, your goods will arrive at the destination airport within 2-3 days safely.

Tell us your requirements our carter experts will contact you.

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