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Cotton yarn accounts for almost 50% of the worldwide trade consumption of textile fiber. Typically, the demand of cotton yarn is measured by the amount of raw cotton fiber purchased and the amount used to manufacture textile materials.

Our VTL team experts’ takes immense care of cotton yarn manufacturing to make it suitable for various end-products. We knew that a number of processes are required to obtain clean, strong, and uniform yarn in modern textile market. This made us to cater dense package of tangled fibers (cotton bale) which includes enormous amount of non-lint materials and unusable fiber (plant trash, motes and so on), continuous operations of opening, blending, mixing, cleaning, carding, drawing, roving and spinning are performed to transform the cotton fibers into yarn.

Although the cotton yarn manufacturing industry processes are highly developed, the competitive market growth continues to spur industry groups. This makes individuals to seek innovative, more efficient methods and machines for processing cotton yarn. However, VTL is the leading supplier in cotton yarn industry which also offers value-added services. Such as

  • Dust extraction system from carding machine
  • Opening, blending, mixing and cleaning of cotton yarn
  • Winding and spooling
  • Carding and combing
  • Drawing and roving
  • Spinning
  • Inspection/ Folding
  • Recycle waste handling of Cotton yarn
  • Conceptual analysis of the Cotton Yarn market products
  • Application wise regional segmented study
  • Clear study and pin-point analysis for changing competitive dynamics

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