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Shipping Granite Slab can be a hassle. The wrong equipment, inexperienced carriers, improper shipping and handling can damage even sturdy material like granite. VTL provide carriers that are expertise in shipping any size of Granite slabs. Our carrier’s safety criteria are fully vetted to ensure proper and safe delivery of goods, our cargo insurance protects goods from any damage or risk.

With our experience and highly rated carriers, you can ship in confidence knowing your cargo is secure and protected the entire time. Homebuilders, Kitchen remodeling specialists, construction companies and artists ship crates of granite slabs for various projects.

VTL caters to the Granite & Marble industry as we are experts at shipping. We provide carriers with A-frames to move slabs of granite & marble. Whether a counter top or a full truckload, we provide carriers to move your goods within your city. With our personalized service, we match your freight with the best truck at best rate to get it delivered. Besides that, our VTL team experts provide excellent services round the clock to make sure that your freight is delivered in a safe and timely manner.

In-addition to this, our value-added services include

  • Safe transport of the delicate granite slabs
  • Robust load handling attachment
  • Kitchen Counter Slabs Packing
  • Modular Tiles (Calibrated/ Beveled Tiles) Packing
  • Cut & Polished Tiles Packing
  • Frame Packing
  • Granite Cutter Slabs Packing in Container
  • Customize pick-up and delivery time
  • Drip-proof transport

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